Jesse Gestal, the founder of paintings by Jag, has been inspired to paint from an early age. While specializing in landscapes, she likes to experiment with different subjects and mediums. Jesse has been inspired by her father’s mother, Isabelle Gestal Rice, whose painting name is Lyle and taught her to always use a “bit of red” in each of her paintings, a technique she has continued to value. 

Jesse began to focus on painting as her primary artistic outlet at the University of Vermont, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art in 2001. She has shown her work at the The Green in Burlington, VT and at Chameleon Café on Russian Hill, San Francisco, MADE & Four Daughters in Jackson Hole, Abigail Fox Designs on Nantucket and in Greenwich, CT. Most recently Paintings by JAG have been displayed at the Audubon of Greenwich and The Old Greenwich Social Club.

 Jesse is continuously inspired by her surroundings: The mountains, East & West Coast beaches and her travels.  While her early series concentrates on abstraction and landscape, she draws inspiration from Japanese art, abstraction and renowned American artists such as Wayne Theibaud.

She works as a Professional Organizer